In the heterotopia Werkstatt Wendorf we try with ever changing guessts to find the small Utopias and interruptions of daily life. Nature is an object to aesthetical mediation from crisissituations in society.

After his study Cityplanning at the Delft Technical University (1991) Ton Matton started in Rotterdam the Schie 2.0 office, urban and environmental design, looking for transformations of autarkic architectural moments. Schie 2.0 was part of the dutch designgroup of the nineties, who worked on an amnesty for the build reality, and who experimentally, emphatically explain the problems of planning and city-design. The most strong projects are those where Matton, by changing the point of view on a situation, also changed the way of looking towards this situation; de facto you have to consider this as a design.

After his ‚Free Range Office’, a mobile, self sufficient office-shed moving through Rotterdam, he opened in 2001 Werkstatt Wendorf in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany.

Werkstatt Wendorf

With solar panels on the roof, water recycling system, wood-gasifier heating , with vegetable garden, orchard and free range chicken and geese, the Werkstatt became far-reaching autarkic and sustainable.

Here he experiments with his ,free range‘ furniture series and developped his Climate Machines edition 1-14.

Wendorf Academy

Again and again, our e-learning platform Wendorf Academy is used to teach on far away locations. We specialize in human social design topics and are experienced in teaching the following subjects: architecture; ecology; economics; sociology and urban planning. We use E-learning-tools and are convinced that real life meetings are an essential part of learning experiences. In our philosophy learning is a cooperative activity: teachers teach and learn. Learners learn and teach. Because real knowledge is not downloadable.

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WENDORF -  (......) ‘So bequem fast vor der eigenen Haustür finden solch ein Freizeitangebot nur wenige auf dem flachen Lande, obwohl der in Güstrow ansässige Landesverband Filmkommunikation LVFK fast zwei Dutzend Spielstätten so genannter Abspielringe in MV ausweist. Auch das improvisierte Kino

in der ehemaligen Schule von Wendorf bezieht sein Repertoire aus solchem Medienverbund und kann damit attraktive Filme zu

"volkstümlichen" Preisen vorführen.’ (.....) (SVZ, Bernd


arte TV  CHIC


see Jungle Shower

Wendorf Academy


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